Susan Clogston

SusanSusan’s love for animals has been a lifelong adventure. Her parents’ home was always a stop off for one rescue or another of the same animal types. Horses entered her life in 1999 for her daughters’ twelfth birthday with an off the track Thoroughbred. This mare had a foal by her side that eventually became Susan’s first horse. She still has him today. Fast forward to December, 2008 when her daughter picked up her first mustang to participate in an Extreme Mustang Challenge the following spring. That mustang was kept at Susan’s home and a new breed stole her heart. As she began to understand their beauty, versatility and the plight they faced, she decided to become involved. Mustang Yearlings/Washington Youth was born in 2010. She is now the proud grandma of four.

Susan will always continue to be a voice and an advocate for the American Mustang and the plight they face on the diminishing rangelands throughout the West.

Whitney Campbell

WhitneyCampbellWhitney started riding when she was 7 years old and knew that it was a lifelong passionshe would continue to pursue. When she was 14 she graduated top of her class in a certification program held by select certified John Lyons trainers, Ron Valentine and Kathy Joseph and continued to perfect her riding skills. By 19, she had an opportunity to move onto a ranch in Wyoming run by world renowned horse trainer, Ken McNabb, and ride and train for him for 6 months. Since moving back home, she took time off from riding, to get married, get her degree, and start a family. However, she now owns and operates her own horsemanship program in Lake Stevens, WA.

In 2009, Whitney was a selected trainer to compete in the Albany Extreme Mustang Makeover – making that her first encounter with mustangs. In the spring of 2013, Whitney bought two mustangs from the Burns, OR BLM facility, to train and compete in Mustang Million in Fort Worth, Texas. Although both Mustangs were successfully started under saddle, Whitney decided to focus on one horse only to take to the competition in FT Worth. They competed against some of the best trainers in the country; had clean rides and with less than half a point separating each placing, they finished 56th overall out of 190 riders. Even though they didn’t leave with any prize money, the relationship she built with the little mare she competed with, is something that has changed her heart forever and they are looking forward to the years to come to demonstrate the partnership they have together.

Whitney will continue to be an advocate for the mustang and compete in upcoming Mustang Makeover events!



Rachel Nickel

Rachel started her horse crazy phase at age ten and never grew out of it. After getting married and having 3 kids, she started looking for a horse project, and found the Extreme Mustang Makeover. In 2014 she was able to compete in her first Makeover and placed in the top ten. Beyond this being an amazing experience, it was time of huge growth personally and in her training methods.Like most people. after that first Mustang experience, she was shocked at the huge heart of a Mustang and the ability to become an inseparable team in which they both overcome their fears that led to the unwavering ability to trust.

In 2015 she started volunteering with Mustang Yearlings/ Washington Youth and loved the program and how much kids could benefit with the challenge of gentling a wild mustang. Rachel is excited to serve on the board to both watch and assist in the future growth of the program that will reach more youth and more horses.

John Russell

John sometimes describes himself as an accidental horse person. When his daughter, Olivia expressed an early love of horses John soon found himself involved in 4H. As the interaction grew from fencing the yard for a borrowed 4H project horse to setting up panels for a little yearling Mustang – he soon realized his daughter wasn’t the only one who loved these large creatures.

Joining the MYWY board in 2016 John brings a background of diversity to MYWY. He and his family are a small business owners and John personally has experience serving on several non-profit boards. He brings us a wealth of knowledge and information as we grow and move forward. He is very excited to be involved with a program he feels has personally enriched the lives of his whole family. John lives in the community of Stanwood, WA with his wife, Ronda. His two grown daughters, Olivia and Elizabeth attend college in California. As does that now 5 year old mustang, Melody.