I wLorianneSireas the winner of the 2010 Youth and Yearling Competition with my horse King Sire. Coming into this competition I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know whether it had super high expectations or low expectations. But coming into this competition gives everyone a chance to show how great they are with their horse. It has expectations, but at good standards, where as I said everyone has a chance. The bond with a mustang is just the best part of it all. You learn so much from a wild mustang, more than you ever could with a domesticated horse. They teach you the ways of a horse and help you understand within their soul. I’ve trained many young and older domesticated horses, but it never compared to training a young mustang. Through this time period I have enjoyed this competition. It didn’t even feel like a competition to me, it felt like we were showing how our horses could be the best they could be! To show how far we have come with our horses. My horse Sire just gave me everything he could and showed that he’s amazing. Mustangs are so smart and so willing to learn. This program is very successful and so educational for those young people out there that want to learn the ways of a horse or learn to train a horse. And when you come and someone’s horse is better, they learn how to become even better within themselves. It’s a program that gives us all the time to feel accomplished in what we have done! If you think about doing this program for your son or daughter, I would, because they will be so educated and learn everything they need to. I won’t ever regret doing this program, and I won’t ever regret keeping my horse Sire. LW 2010

Annie & Betsy Mae 2It was so incredible working with a young horse like Betsy May. Especially since she was a mustang! I felt so honored every time I worked with her because I was being a part of something so special that hardly anyone has a chance to experience. Even though many more people should know the feeling of looking into a pair of big brown trusting eyes of a horse they made a deep bond with. It’s just something that is far beyond any other feeling! It’s also good to know that I helped just one sweet little horse get a bit closer to finding a loving home 🙂 I will remember this experience for the rest of my life because of how trusting Betsy became just within a few weeks. She looked to me as her leader; a great quality to have in a horse. Every day I became more and more convinced that she will make a great steed for someone wanting a horse to just fool around with. Brush her mane, trail ride, even go over a few jumps or practice spins with! I could see her going in any direction someone pointed her in and she would be happy to do the job 🙂 I’ve always had an interest in mustangs, but being involved with YAY made me realize how easy it is to make a difference in the well being of just one! This program has really inspired me to keep being involved and caring about these wonderful creatures and trying to help out as many as I can! Thank you is not enough for every one involved with the program because the work they do saves lives of Mustangs! AW 2010

Brooke and ReyesI have participated in the Mustang Yearlings/Washington Youth program for the past two years My first experience was with a horse named Reyes. I had nothing but good experiences with him throughout my training and the final event. Reyes is the best horse I’ve ever owned so I decided to adopt him. Even though Reyes is green broke he is an excellent riding horse and a great friend. I look forward to the future we are going to have together. In 2012, I was not planning on participating because I wanted to help in the program instead of being in the program. One of the horses needed a new trainer, however, and I chose to become that trainer. I decided to name that horse Apenimon (means worthy of trust in Navaho) or Aiden for short. I got Aiden a month into the program and we had a lot of issues to overcome. With time, patience and love Aiden and I ended up being great partners and the Reserve Champions of 2012. I decided not to keep Aiden since I had just adopted Reyes. Aiden was adopted, however, and he is living a great life working on becoming a driving horse! This year I plan on participating again but sadly it will be my last year since I will age out but I plan on always staying involved with the program. MYWY has made me a better equestrian just by everything I learned from the mustangs. I would recommend this program to anyone. BR 2011 and 2012

Jamie Koppenberg and NakotaBeing a part of the MYWY program has definitely impacted my life in a positive way. I have come to learn more patience and have learned that you can NEVER give up! Amazing things can happen if you set your heart to it and really work with these horses. I have learned so much about myself and about my training techniques because I had a very difficult horse. I would never take any of the program back if I could because my life long baby and best friend is sitting outside in the barn everyday (: It’s really astonishing to be able to watch yourself grow along with these horses and be able to look back and see the progress and everything that you guys worked through TOGETHER. These wild mustangs are so much different than any other horses and you really do create a lifelong bond. You also learn how to manage your time and learn how to work with and around something you haven’t worked with before. It was a great confidence builder for me, and brought my mom and I a lot closer through the process. JK 2012

Morgan Coen and KixMy experience training a wild mustang was AMAZING. The fact that I got to train a wild horse was breathtaking. My horse was calm and is just willing to please. She was very trusting at first which was a bit shocking since she has never had any human contact. The first day her drag rope came off and we were able to pin her up and have my dad clip a new one on her. This is just an amazing horse to work with. This was an experience that was so amazing it is hard to put into words. I named her Kix after the band Brookes and Dunn. I am going to make her show name after my grandpa that passed away. Since she was so easy going I was able to teach her many tricks. She can bow, lay down on cue, give kisses, be saddled, play hop scotch and a couple more things. 🙂 This will be our first year in the fall together and she loves getting out and playing with the leaves and eating them! She makes all the little kids smile when she comes around and allows little kids to be all over her! Competition was great! She loved everything! She made some people laugh as she fell asleep in her classes 🙂 She is an amazing little mustang and I’m glad I got the opportunity to train her! MC 2012

A Mother’s perspective
Tassin Tedeschi and MissyThis morning as I hauled water to Missy I recalled the afternoon Tassin called me so excited and beside herself exclaiming that she had a halter on Missy! The pure satisfaction she was feeling as she was relating just how Missy (her Mustang) had allowed her Aunt Hilary to halter her as if she had been haltered a hundred times before. This was 70+ days into a 110 day program. Missy had not allowed anyone to come near her until that magical day when she decided it was “okay”. Tassin sobbed with joy and excitement for a moment she thought may never happen. My daughter’s self-worth has continued to bloom as she realized that all her hard work and patience is paying off as Missy learns new things. When she called I could not even utter a word because I was so overwhelmed with joy at the fact that 9 years of encouraging Tassin to never give up and always have an ”I can climb this mountain” attitude had paid off. You see, at the age of two Tassin was diagnosed with an undersized cerebellum (the portion of your brain that controls balance and fine muscle motor). I was told that she would struggle through life and that I should order her a wheel chair. Some thought I was nuts to allow my daughter to be around a “Wild” ungentled horse but Tassin only wants to do what every other kid her age does. Gentling a mustang is truly an experience like none other. The joy, patience, problem solving, satisfaction and relationship made are life lessons that will enable my daughter to continue to succeed throughout her life. CT 2012